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This page has instructions to renew your membership in the Friends.  If you are already a member and wish to renew your membership, please either:

a.  Click on the link in the renewal email sent to you, or

b.  Click on the "head and shoulders" light gray (or blue on some computers) icon.  The icon is pictured below and the one you click is above this text on the right hand side, below the menu.

c.  Log into your membership profile with your email and password.  

d.  Then you click the the "head and shoulders" icon again, then click View profile link to jump to your member profile page.  


If you have difficulties, send an email to webmaster@friendsccl.org and we'll give you a hand.

If you prefer, you can download a membership application here, and mail it in.  Either way, we'll be delighted to count you among our Friends!

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