Chatham Community Library Book Sale
October 5, 6 and 7, 2017
(Our 20th Anniversary Celebration!)

Thursday, Oct 5, 9am - 7pm: 20% off purchases over $200
Friday, Oct 6, 9am - 7pm: half price day!
Saturday Oct 7, 9am - 2pm: bag day
(only $5 to fill each large grocery bag)
Book Sale Location—Chatham Community Library
197 NC Highway 87 North; Pittsboro, NC 27312
(east side of Central Carolina Community College)

Free admission with no buyer restrictions.

For many years, we've dedicated space at our sales to spotlight collectible books which we believed deserved special attention and special pricing. At most of the sales, we've had 250 to 300 items displayed in Claudia's Corner and marked for sale at $10 to $100. We listed all of those items on our Website prior to the sale, and many people enjoyed getting a preview of the treasures that would be in Claudia's Corner at the sale.

For this next special sale, we're trying something different: Except for children's books (which come in so many shapes and sizes that standard pricing is difficult), we won't be special-pricing any books. All of the items which normally would have had a special price will be on the regular sales floor and offered at our standard prices: 50 cents for a small paperback, $2 for individual trade and larger paperbacks, $3 each for hard-cover books and $3 each for CDs and DVDs.

To recap, all of the collectible items usually found in Claudia's Corner will now be on the regular sales floor and won't be specially priced.

No special prices also means that we will no longer be posting a list of specially priced books on our Website, but we will be announcing the categories or subjects for which we have received large or especially interesting donations, and we’ll update this several times prior to the sale dates.

So far, here's what our generous donors have made available:
  • Lots of books on Hollywood and celebrities
  • Farming and animal husbandry
  • Southern history
  • Alternative medicine
  • Mysticism and parapsychology
  • Philosophy and spirituality
  • A great selection of cookbooks
  • A large number of DVDs and Blu-ray movies — some never opened and many collectible
  • Some fantastic art books — antiques, art, architecture, film, photography, etc.
  • A nice collection of books on New York and New York architecture
  • An amazing collection of self-help books on a wide variety of topics — from marital issues to PTSD, from parenting to substance abuse, how to be happier, keeping your brain healthy, and more.

Surely, you'll be able to find many literary treasures to enjoy and add to your personal library.
We look forward to seeing you at this fabulous sale!